Monday, May 2


09:00 - 17:30

*Times may be updated.


Lead entity: 
Armageddon Power Team




Age categories: 
18-100 years



09:00 - Enrollment (until 09:45);
09:45 - Introduction to rules, as well as ethical and sportive posture (until 10:00);
10:00 - Free time for proper warm-up;
10:30 - Men's competition (1st left, then right);
15:00 - Award Ceremony;
15:30 - Open tables to the public for learning (until 17:30).


-Arm Wrestling is a strength sport, which combines strength, technique, resistance and tactic.

-After the competition, the audience will have the opportunity of experiencing arm wrestling themselves and to learn more about this sport modality.

Equipment and requirements:

-Only short sleeves and sleeveless shirts are permitted during the competition.

-Contestants are not allowed to use protection for their elbows nor for their wrists.

-It is not permitted to use rings, watches, wristbands, or any additional hand – wrists or arm – Props.

-Athletes with long hair can only compete having their hair tied or with a cap (as long as the plate is torn back).

-Nails must be properly cut to avoid hurting the other contestant during the competition.

Pre-competition meeting: 

-All participants will be informed about the security and regulations.

-All participants will also be informed about the obligation of doing warm-up prior to the competition, to avoid any related injuries.

Rules and regulations:

-2 athletes will compete to push the hand of the opponent onto a table in which both contestants may rest their elbows.

-The tournament will take place as a "double elimination”. This double elimination means that the contestant will be automatically eliminated, once he has lost 2 matches.

-The groups for the tournament will be done in an anonymous way before the beginning of the competition.

​-Competitors have to be present on the competition's venue at least 5 minutes prior to their matches. 

-The rules and regulations will follow the international norms.


The most important rules are listed below:

-Both competitors entangled fingers must be visible .

-There must be a distance of 6 inches between the face and the hands, as well as between the hands and the shoulders of each contestant.

-At the very beginning and before the Ready-Go, hands must stand right, inclination is not permitted, to guarantee that the handle (before starting) is right to both contestants.

-1 slip goes directly to strap.

-The instructions of the referee must be followed.  

-The contest will be held on a professional and certified table, in which both of the contestants will be standing.

-Both contestants hold the hand of one another and place the elbow above the handle. Contestants hold on a special pad (placed on each side of the table), with their non-competing hand.

-Contestants must hold on to this during the whole competition and have at least one leg standing on the ground.

Estádio Universitário de Lisboa
Estádio Universitário de Lisboa

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Estádio Universitário de Lisboa
Estádio Universitário de Lisboa

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Estádio Universitário de Lisboa

Sport Coordinators


For general rules, the rules of the Arm Wrestling Federation apply. You can read the rules here:

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Armageddon Power Team